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Juniors Program

Month long sessions wtih one class each week. The focus at BASEcamp is on Balance, Agility, Strength, and Endurance. Classes are broken up by age group to ensure the kids are challenged and have lots of fun. Contact us to learn more about the upcoming set of sessions.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


Structured classes for 6-10 year olds designed to introduce kiddos to physical fitness. Without realizing it, they'll get a dose of Balance, Agility, Strength, and Endurance while engaging in fun, age-appropriate games and drills

Boys During a Sports Practice


More advanced than the younger group, these classes focus on the athletic performance side of Balance, Agility, Strength, and Endurance. Your older kids will sleep well after these sessions.

Juniors (BASEcamp): Tests & Assignments
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